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Android, Desktop, and Web

Lookback supports every prototyping platform on Android, desktop, and web. You don’t need to do anything special to record a session with a prototype, just treat it like it’s any other Android or desktop app or website! 👍

Tip: If your prototype is web-based and you’re doing a remote research study, when you are creating the Live or Self-Test link, you can insert the URL of your prototype into the “Starting Web URL” field. Then, when participants start a test, they’ll be automatically redirected to this URL.


For in-person testing, Lookback can record anything on an Apple device with Lookback USB. Thus, any prototyping platform can be recorded in-person on iOS.

For remote unmoderated testing, due to recording restrictions from Apple, you can either:

  • Use a web-based prototype (via Self-Test). To do this, just insert the URL of the prototype into the “Starting Web URL” field when creating the Self-test link.
  • Use an app-based prototype made on InVision, Marvel, or, since Lookback has official integrations with these tools. See below for specific directions on integrating Lookback with one of these prototyping platforms.

For remote moderated testing (via Lookback Live), you need to use a prototyping platform that allows for prototypes that can be accessed via the mobile browser. InVision and Marvel allow for this, however, currently doesn't.

Lastly, if you have built a native app prototype, you can integrate Lookback iOS SDK to get full support.

Directions for integrating Lookback with InVision, Marvel, and on iOS to conduct unmoderated sessions:

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