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Android, Desktop, and Web

Lookback supports every prototyping platform on Android, desktop, and web. You don’t need to do anything special to record a session with a prototype, just treat it like it’s any other Android or desktop app or website! 👍

Tip: If your prototype is web-based and you’re doing a remote research study, when you are creating the Live or Self-Test link, you can insert the URL of your prototype into the “Starting Web URL” field. Then, when participants start a test, they’ll be automatically redirected to this URL.

In Person iOS

For in-person testing, Lookback can record anything on an Apple iOS device with Lookback USB. Thus, any prototyping platform can be recorded in-person on iOS.

Remote iOS with Prototypes that Can Be Viewed in a Browser

Lookback Live and Self-Test both work with prototypes that can be viewed in a browser using a URL. InVision and Marvel allow for prototypes to be accessed via a browser, while currently doesn't. 

To set up with a prototype that can viewed in a browser:

  1. Go to your project settings (cog icon in upper right when viewing a project).
  2. Set the URL of the prototype in the Landing page field in the settings pane.

Remote iOS with

If you are testing via, you can record through our integration with them by following these directions.

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